Morrisons New ‘Nutmeg’ Clothing Range

I have been browsing the web a lot recently looking at clothes for my baby girl, due 7th January 2015. I have come across a lot of different styles of clothes, varying enormously in quality and price. I have to keep asking myself, why would anyone would feel comfortable spending £80 on a single baby sleep suit? I have no idea…

I stumbled across a pack of gorgeous baby sleep suits on eBay a few days ago and fell in love with them, I have never heard of the clothing range before (Nutmeg by Morrison’s) but I placed a bid and Continue reading


The Great Baby Wipe Debate

Johnsons Baby WipesWhen you think about it, baby wipes are such simple things, basically, they are a disposable cloth treated with a cleansing agent (which is normally fragrant) and they are generally intended for cleaning babies and young children, although I am slightly addicted to them myself. I use baby wipes daily for cleaning my hands and washing my face. Most baby wipes are not expensive, prices ranging from £1.00 to £4.00 for a pack of roughly 60 wipes. But, why am I writing about baby wipes? Well… it makes me laugh how Continue reading


TRESemme Vitamin E Aloe Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner


I have always been a bit obsessed with colouring my hair, that’s one of the problems with being a hairdresser! I am forever seeing people change their hair style and colour and I always find myself thinking “hmm… I wonder what that will look like on me?”.

Over the years my hair has become very damaged, because of this, my hair finds its difficult to lock in colour. Usually, my hair stays bright and fresh after a colouring session for about three weeks… then it goes very dull and

Continue reading


The Horrors of Buying a Changing Bag


One thing I have noticed since becoming pregnant is that a lot of other mum-to-be’s can be VERY judgmental towards the choices you make when you purchase a product or service for you and your baby. There are a lot of divided opinions on what you should and shouldn’t buy and what you should and shouldn’t do.

I have been struggling for a while to find a nice changing bag that will meet all my needs. I am a first time mum-to-be so have no experience of changing bags and what they Continue reading


This Baby Is A Sugar Freak


Oh the joys of pregnancy cravings. I’m starting to feel so sorry for my partner, I am forever sending him down to the corner shop to buy me packs of chocolate, raisins and milk… he’s officially on first name terms with the lady behind the counter!

So, at the moment I have been having serious hankerings for tinned Heinz Ravioli and plain Galaxy Chocolate… just writing it down is making my mouth salivate. I wish I had more cravings for Continue reading


American Retro Candy Sweets Gift Box from ‘A Taste of America’

Everyone loves candy and I can admit, I do eat my fair share. With Christmas coming up I recently found myself needing to buy a secret Santa gift. With many different ideas going through my head about what to get, from mugs and jewellery to DIY gift sets and novelty soaps, i found myself at a loose end. After some browsing online I found a company that sold gift boxes of American candy. After a long while of researching their products I found a small gift set that contained Gobstoppers, Laffy Continue reading


My Very Own Mask


Make up is such an amazing thing. How you make yourself look and feel (in my opinion) through using make up is a very personal thing to yourself.
I’ve always had blemishes. My biggest appearance flaw, in my eyes, are the bags under my eyes. I’ve been using Rimmel London – Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in True Nude for approximately 3 years now and I feel that I have become some what obsessive over it. The serum is smooth and light, it hardly feels like you are wearing any make Continue reading