Personalised Pint Glass from Getting Personal


I have always struggled with birthdays and Christmas presents, getting gifts for close family and friends seems to be getting harder and harder! The worst culprit for this seems to be my dad, he is very minimalistic and never asks for much. I decided this year to get him a small bundle of (what i like to think of) personal meaningful gifts. After a long while of browsing online I found a website called, they sell a wide variety of gifts from personalised calenders and diary’s to gardening and romantic gifts, but I decided to go for the personalised pint glass. The website allows you to enter your own text to have engraved on the product and even go’s as far to allow you to pick slightly different designs of pint glasses with different images and slogans, all of this for just £9.99 and £2.99 standard delivery. Once I placed my order, the website allowed me to track my order and follow the creation process, from receiving the order, to the engraving being completed and the item being shipped. I received my item a few working days later, it was packaged in a solid sturdy cardboard box and the glass itself was wrapped in protective paper, it was good enough to be wrapped with no need for preparation. I was over the moon with my purchase, and thankfully, so was my dad!

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