American Retro Candy Sweets Gift Box from ‘A Taste of America’

Everyone loves candy and I can admit, I do eat my fair share. With Christmas coming up I recently found myself needing to buy a secret Santa gift. With many different ideas going through my head about what to get, from mugs and jewellery to DIY gift sets and novelty soaps, i found myself at a loose end. After some browsing online I found a company that sold gift boxes of American candy. After a long while of researching their products I found a small gift set that contained Gobstoppers, Laffy Taffy and Nerds for only £4.99 with free delivery (I must admit, an amazing price). I ordered the box and received its promptly 3 working days later in the post. It was packaged securely and it even managed to fit through my letter box! I was over the moon with this purchase and its amazing value for money, when you consider packaging, postage and the actual product itself, £4.99 was an absolute bargain. I can happily say that I would most defiantly recommend this company and would certainly purchase from them again.

A Taste Of America – eBay Store

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