The Horrors of Buying a Changing Bag


One thing I have noticed since becoming pregnant is that a lot of other mum-to-be’s can be VERY judgmental towards the choices you make when you purchase a product or service for you and your baby. There are a lot of divided opinions on what you should and shouldn’t buy and what you should and shouldn’t do.

I have been struggling for a while to find a nice changing bag that will meet all my needs. I am a first time mum-to-be so have no experience of changing bags and what they should be able to do. I came across this changing bag one day when I was browsing eBay, it boasted about is features and sounded excellent! It looked very stylish with its bold black and white strips, this was a bonus for me as one thing I did know that I wanted from the changing bag I purchased was that it needed to be plain black or black and white, this was because my pram (Mothercare Orb) is black and they needed to match… well… I was adamant that they did! There was no way my partner was going to doubt my opinions in my hormonal state!

The bag came with a detachable insulated bottle holder, a adjustable shoulder strap and two buggy clips (these clips fit most strollers, buggy’s, prams and pushchairs). The bag also has a ‘wipe clean’ outer printed fabric and liner and comes with some handy little bottle pockets. The bag has a zip top closure which is ideal from me, I can never fully trust the bags that simply click shut, I think that’s due to my mild OCD and obsession with needing to check that nothing has fallen out of my bag, there is less chance of this happening with a zip top!

The bag measures 40cm X 15cm X 30cm, after doing a lot of research, Ive come to the conclusion that this is a standard size. The bag also came with a changing mat, two universal buggy clips, padded adjustable shoulder straps and a detachable insulated bottle holder. Needless to say, i was sold!

I was at work when the bag was delivered so I had a rushed and very stressful trip down to the post office to collect it the following day. It was packaged very well and looked amazing! I have yet to set up my pram (I’m very superstitious and have heard before that it can be bad luck to have your pram set up in your home before week 35) but I’m sure they will look great together! Its very comfortable to wear on my shoulder and to carry with the handles. Its neutral design is perfect for my partner as he was worried I was going to end up buying a huge pink changing bag covered in sequins and fluffy pom poms… hes had a lucky escape!

Overall, i would highly recommend this bag, for a first time mum with one baby on the way, this stylish multi purpose bag is going to be ideal for short day trips out and general every day use. To be honest,  for £21.99 and free delivery, you cant really go wrong!

Mother and Baby – eBay Seller Store

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14 thoughts on “The Horrors of Buying a Changing Bag

  1. Oh man wait until you really get horrible, didn’t-ask-for-your-opinion-anyway comments about EVERY.THING. you decide for you and your baby. Its astounding what nonsense comes out of people’s mouths. The bag is super cute btw. Congratulations on your pregnancy! And thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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    • I agree! I’m going through the ‘don’t put you baby to sleep in blankets’ debate at the moment! A lot of people saying to use gro bags, some saying not, some saying blankets are dangerous because of the risk of suffocating, some not… its stressful to say the least!


  2. 😉 Careful Mum, you will likely find it easier to toss the stuff from your purse into the baby bag to lessen your load…and after a while you’ll discover you seem to have lost your separate identity in the interim. I think it was a couple of years before I finally took action to reclaim my “me-ness” and re-established my habit of carrying a purse or handbag ‘just for me!’ LOL!
    You will see. I love the cute bag though.

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  3. Just try to do your best, learn what you can and don’t disregard your inner voice when you’re not certain. I was born in 1955 and survived all of the mistakes my parents’ generation supposedly made (most of them weren’t true). You’ll do well!

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