TRESemme Vitamin E Aloe Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner


I have always been a bit obsessed with colouring my hair, that’s one of the problems with being a hairdresser! I am forever seeing people change their hair style and colour and I always find myself thinking “hmm… I wonder what that will look like on me?”.

Over the years my hair has become very damaged, because of this, my hair finds its difficult to lock in colour. Usually, my hair stays bright and fresh after a colouring session for about three weeks… then it goes very dull and

limp. I decided it was time to invest in a better shampoo and conditioner to try and prolong that ‘freshly coloured’ feel! I came across the TRESemme Vitamin E Aloe Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner when I was trolling the health and beauty isle at Tesco. It wasn’t too expensive at £4.99 per 900ml (55.44p per 100ml), considering that this size of bottle would easily last me a month!  The treatment uses specialized cleansing for colour treated hair which helps to protect the colour leaving it ‘vibrant and shiny’. It is supposed to help colour stay fresh and lasts up to 40 washes. The product also boasts about its ‘advanced colour lock technology’, I’m not too sure what this actually consists of, but it does sound good!

On the first use, I was very impressed! I only needed to use a small pea sized amount of shampoo and conditioner to easily cover all of my hair… this really was going to last me a month! The shampoo smelt lovely and the conditioner made the water run through my hair so delicately! I was very impressed with the product during the ‘washing’ process but now needed to dry my hair and see how my hair actually looks and feels. Whilst I was drying my hair, I could really smell the product on my hair, I loved this! My hair felt smooth and shiny and I was so happy with the results… but I needed to use it more to see if it really improved the colour! Well… its been four weeks since I last coloured my hair and I have almost run out of shampoo and do have about a weeks worth of conditioner left. I am so impressed! My hair colour still looks fresh and bright and my hair has lost its ‘dull and frizzy’ look! I’m defiantly going to be purchasing this product again and I will defiantly recommend this shampoo and conditioner to my clients after all my colouring sessions! I think that it is cheap at £4.99 a bottle when you consider what a high quality professional result it delivers.

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8 thoughts on “TRESemme Vitamin E Aloe Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. Thanks for your honest post about the product. I’m having my hair colored next Friday. I was trying to let it grow out–no more coloring and just let my white streak in the front and at my temples show, but after 5 months I’m just not happy with how it looks. The inbetween thing is driving me crazy. Talked to the hair stylist and she’s going to leave my white streak up front, color the rest. I’ll be getting the products you’ve suggested on Friday after I get my hair done. Hope it works as well on my hair.


    • Thanks for your comment. Good luck with you hair colouring on Friday! You did very well to last 5 months without colouring! I couldnt last that long! I highly recommend you use this product afterwards, you hair will stay fresher for much longer!

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    • Red is notoriously difficult to keep vibrant because the particles used in red tones are very small, this makes them ‘fall out’ the hair quicker. I’m glad it works well for you! My hair is brown with deep gold tones through it, works a treat on my hair too!


  2. Mum hasn’t tried Tresemme before but is going to try this one now, she’s got curly frizzy coloured hair. Her fav thing is Moroccanoil and she even uses it on me to keep my fur smooth and tangle free!


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