The Great Baby Wipe Debate

Johnsons Baby WipesWhen you think about it, baby wipes are such simple things, basically, they are a disposable cloth treated with a cleansing agent (which is normally fragrant) and they are generally intended for cleaning babies and young children, although I am slightly addicted to them myself. I use baby wipes daily for cleaning my hands and washing my face. Most baby wipes are not expensive, prices ranging from £1.00 to £4.00 for a pack of roughly 60 wipes. But, why am I writing about baby wipes? Well… it makes me laugh how simple a product can be, but how much they can vary in quality! For example, I have often purchased the Pampers Sensitive baby wipes (£1.20 a pack from Boots), but the problem I find with these wipes are that the actual wipe itself is quite thick, but doesn’t actually contain much of the cleansing agent, this means that they dry out very quickly and it is because of this why I am not very impressed with these wipes and have not been buying them for a long while now.

Recently I purchased some Johnson Baby Wipes (fragrance free) from Superdrug for £1.85 a pack and I can confidently say, these are probably the best baby wipes I have ever used! Johnson’s boast about their love for babies and they understand that newborn skin needs extra special care, that is why Johnson’s Baby Wipes have been ‘independently proven to be as safe & gentle on newborn skin as pure water’, so even from day one you can be confident you’re giving your babies and your own skin the best care. My skin has always been very sensitive to strong cleansing products but these baby wipes did not irritate my skin at all. These baby wipes are proven safe for newborn skin from the first days, also, they contain 97% pure water and only essential ‘No More Tears’ cleansing ingredients to ensure that there is no irritation caused when cleaning your face and hands with this product. As I said previously, I am very fond of these wipes because they are kind to my skin, but the other important reason why I am so fond of these wipes is because the actual cleansing product stays in the wipe for longer, the wipe itself doesn’t dry out five minutes after being out of the packet, that is one issue that really annoyed me with other baby wipe brands. When you think about it, its such a simple thing?

Overall, if you have sensitive skin like me and are looking for a good quality, reasonably priced baby wipe brand, I would highly recommend Johnson Baby Wipes. Although the big baby wipe debate may seem like it is not very important, hopefully you agree with me that it is all useful information to know! In this day and age with such a wide variety of products to choose from, sometimes you need to do a little trial and error to find the perfect product for you.

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