Morrisons New ‘Nutmeg’ Clothing Range

I have been browsing the web a lot recently looking at clothes for my baby girl, due 7th January 2015. I have come across a lot of different styles of clothes, varying enormously in quality and price. I have to keep asking myself, why would anyone would feel comfortable spending £80 on a single baby sleep suit? I have no idea…

I stumbled across a pack of gorgeous baby sleep suits on eBay a few days ago and fell in love with them, I have never heard of the clothing range before (Nutmeg by Morrison’s) but I placed a bid and I won them for £4.50, what a bargain! They arrived in the post this morning and when I opened the packaging I couldn’t help but be a bit unsure about what the quality and style was going to be like, simply because I have never heard of the brand ‘Nutmeg’ before, but these sleep suits are probably the best quality sleep suits I have purchased to date! The fabric is super soft and flexible and the design printed onto the sleep suits doesn’t seem like the kind that will just disappear after one wash, I am very impressed! Why have I never come across this clothing range before? Ive not even noticed Morrison’s selling baby clothes before! But, i am thrilled that I accidentally stumbled across these.

I have a few items of clothing that I purchased from the retailer ‘Next’, and although they are also excellent quality and design… its not practical to spend £30 on a pack of three sleep suits that she will only wear for a few months.

I just wanted to let you all know of this brand I stumbled across because Its really going to save me a lot of money in the long run! So, go take a look at Morrison’s new clothing range, Nutmeg! You wont be disappointed!


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