Mans Best Friend


This is definitely my ‘photo of the day’. I bought her that ‘Milk Scented Dog Bone’ just before I picked her up when she was only eight weeks old, she is now a year and a half and doesn’t go many places without it, shes some what obsessive about it actually.

She always manages to make me smile when I take her to a pet shop, we look around and I show her toys to see which one she is interested in, I normally end up buying her some ridiculous Continue reading


Personalised Pint Glass from Getting Personal


I have always struggled with birthdays and Christmas presents, getting gifts for close family and friends seems to be getting harder and harder! The worst culprit for this seems to be my dad, he is very minimalistic and never asks for much. I decided this year to get him a small bundle of (what i like to think of) personal meaningful gifts. After a long while of browsing online I found a website called http://www.gettingpersonal.co.uk, they sell a wide variety of gifts from personalised calenders and Continue reading


20 Week Anomaly Ultrasound


We have just had our 20 week Anomaly Scan. This scan takes a closer look at baby peanut and my uterus (womb). The person carrying out the scan (sonographer) checked that baby peanut is developing normally, and she looked at where the placenta is lying in my uterus, apparently, my placenta is laying at the front and up high which is normal.

The sonographer asked if we wanted to know the sex of baby peanut, we already knew the gender of baby (girl!) from a previous scan at 16 Continue reading


Gender Reveal Ultrasound


So, I booked myself in for a 16 week gender reveal scan with Ultrasounds Direct. I have been so excited its unreal… we found out whether baby peanut is a girl or boy! OK, so here it goes… we are having a baby… GIRL!

I cant believe it, deep down from day one I have been thinking that peanut was a boy, I’ve had baby boys names picked, baby boys clothes decided and I even saved a beautiful pram that I have been eying up for a while in a Continue reading


Guess What?… I’m Pregnant!

12 Week Scan

I cant even believe I’m writing this… I’M PREGNANT!?

So, where do I even begin to write about this? I don’t even know where to start! Well, lets start with the obvious… I’m pregnant! I cant believe it! I’m feeling a huge range of emotions right now… excitement, scared, nervousness, worried, happy… I’m assuming that’s normal and that’s how I should be feeling! I just had my 12 week scan and everything is looking good! (As you can see from the scan photo above).

I have been so lucky so Continue reading


My Laser Tattoo Removal Experience


When I was 16 years old, I made (what i though to be) a very wise decision and decided to get a tattoo on my left foot. The tattoo was a very irrelevant flower with some form of tribal on the outside. Looking back, I now accept that this was a silly mistake.

My sister has recently had a large tattoo on her thigh and, thankfully, after finding out that her tattoo parlor also performed laser tattoo removal, she was more than happy to refer me. I went down to Continue reading